VirtualScreenMaximizer 0.1

Maximize programs over multiple monitors


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to configure


  • Very limited uses


VirtualScreenMaximizer is a tiny application for people who use multiple monitors and want to maximize windows over all of them.

Usually, with multiple monitors, when you maximize a program is does so within that monitor.

For most purposes that's great, but it may be that you want to maximize over two or more monitors, and VirtualScreenMaximizer does exactly that.

Just open the . exe file, and the icon will sit in your system tray. Right-clicking on it will allow you to configure a maximize and minimize hot-key, and then you simply hit that key with a program open and it'll be maximized.

If you had, say, 8x8 screens, this would be good for maximizing video over, but for the more usual two screens, it's not great! On single screen monitors, it will maximize your program to cover even the windows toolbar, which may have its uses.

If having something maximized like this is useful for you, VirtualScreenMaximizer will be great but it has exactly no other abilities!


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VirtualScreenMaximizer 0.1

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